So this is Humanifique (a blend of Human and the French for Magnificent, you must pronounce the end with that flem sound the French love to make) created with the aim to celebrate the brilliance of human physical and spiritual potential. A blog that aims to follow the rabbit down into the hole of health and wealth.


We live in amazing times when it comes to health, the wealth of information at our finger tips and the ease at which we can access a “super food” from the other side of the world is literally remarkable. The connection we have right now to everything and everyone should give us an edge over all those before us.


A person’s aesthetic image or a paper qualification on how to gain a particular aesthetic image validates knowledge in today’s fitness markets. The “health” industry trades in visual vulnerability and is fuelled by a social media crazed society that wants everything yesterday. All this has led to an imbalance in true health and like everything that becomes out of sync a black box of toxic issues have followed.


Living life as a sceptical schizophrenic, second guessing each and every motive before and after hours of research is pretty much how it is. A generation side tracked by lucrative protein promos but uneducated on how to breathe often brings a frown to the brow. The deeper you dig, the darker the secret becomes but there is little or no money to be made in true fitness and there is nothing gained by the powers in charge with you being healthy.

Humanifique aims to be an organic ideology which believes in following its gut instinct and invites true information on all matters concerning health. We believe the complexity of humans makes the topic of health incomparably diverse to any other and self-knowledge from an equally diverse pool can only be beneficial. Let’s walk a little together.



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